What the hell is going on here?!?

We are Time Siren and Mad Woman with a Box. We are not your typical Doctor Who fans. We knit and bead and cosplay our brains out. We participate in convention panels, create & run music video panels and help run blood drives. Are we crazy and do too much? Yes. Do we have fun? Yes. Are we likely to stop before we’re six feet under? No.

One day the two of us got together and said, “What the hell? We aren’t doing nearly enough to celebrate our crazy Doctor Who fandom. Let’s do more!” and thus the insanity of The Corsair’s Closet was birthed.

Knowing we are not alone in the mad, fun world of people that celebrate their fandoms, we are ever in search of others like us. We sit them down and force uh, ask them nicely to share their silliness, devotion and play with us and our listeners.

Warning – our podcasts are PG. We’re adults, we swear. We’re Whoverts and write saucy fan fic. Since we are adults, we know how to curb the randiness when it threatens to get out of control, but if the mere mention of it upsets you, we are not the podcast for you.

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We actually have like, TWO whole articles up already, but seriously, one of them is sad news that should be known by every Classic Whovert out there, so please do go and leave a comment, even a memory of Kate O’Mara if you ever met her at a convention.

We want to hear from you!

We are always actively seeking insanely creative individuals who craft and cosplay. If you are so blessed with a creative brain that never rests and want some fame, drop us a line at time-siren@corsairs-closet.com .

Latest Podcasts

4/2/14 - 2.21 Steampunk Nerds will rule the Earth. Special interview with owner Joshua at the local steampunk clothier in Burbank, CA - a place where the shinys are covered in gears and cogs, oh my. They have a Tardis out front and an evil secret lurking in their attic. Also, a powerful message from Wil Wheaton to a little girl who's been called a nerd had us in tears at our own experiences in our youth.

3/19/14 - 2.20 Planet Personal Cosplay. Guest cosplayer Lady Loki brings her new costumer, Miko, to the Tardis this week. A gal who wowed them at Loscon last year with a white owl on stilts brings her mad skills to the Lady of Chaos.

3/5/14 - 2.19 The Madwoman and the Galley Review. Steampunkers get thrown out of a mall in San Diego, Gallifrey One cosplay and Lego Tardises, oh my! Madwoman is missing this episode, which is probably why we're more on topic this week and not rambling all over the place. Well, we are still rambling, but it is more cosplay related.

2/12/14 - 2.18 - The Gally Pre Show is here! We squee about this year's Gally convention coming up NEXT WEEK. Also, the AFOL Husband reviews Genre LA amidst the usual Timey Wimey nonsense and various shinies that vie for our attention.

2/5/14 - 2.17 - Trying to talk about Stealth Cosplay, Arm Knitting and Peter Capaldi's new outfit are tough when a Smurf virus has invaded your cerebral cortex - and the Tardis. All you can smurfin' say after a while is Smurf. Know what I Smurf? Awww...SMURF!

1/22/14 - 2.16 - We have a LOT to talk about...but no one in the TARDIS can remember what we discussed! My notes say we have a special guest this week, but they don't say who...

...hang on. Why do I have tally marks on my arm?

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